The New Home Remodeling Process to keep Clients, Designers, and Fabricators Safe

Your home is serious business – you spend every day there, and studies show that your level of satisfaction in any environment you are in regularly, whether it’s home or the office or somewhere for a hobby, has a serious impact on your mental health. Particularly with the quarantine associated with the shutdown caused by the novel coronavirus, it’s more important than ever that you love the space you’re spending more time in than ever. For that reason, and many others, we understand taking your dreams and your dream home seriously – but we also know the importance of taking your health seriously, too. If you’re looking at giving your space a facelift to love it more than ever, we’re here to help you accomplish that, while also helping to keep you and your family safe in the process.

In order to accomplish both goals with confidence, here’s the new house remodeling process to keep designers, fabricators, and you – our valued clients – safe throughout the duration of the project while being just as thrilled with the end results.

Maintain social distancing practices

Although under normal circumstances your remodeling professionals are happy to get down in the weeds with you – or more accurately, down in the dust – it’s now essential to ensure that everyone keeps proper space and distancing while working together in order to keep everyone safe. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise any part of the remodeling process; it just means being mindful of maintaining a distance of more than six feet from you while it happens. Your professional team should still make sure to be as available as ever to hear your thoughts, see your inspirations, and understand your home and your new vision for it so they can bring it to life for you to enjoy for years to come.

Wearing masks

This is such a simple method to make a big impact on reducing the rate of transmission – we strongly encourage that you ensure all members of your remodeling team are wearing their masks to keep you and your family safe. We also suggest that you and anyone else present on-site do the same, so that everyone can feel confident that they are protecting one another. It may not feel like a big effort because it’s so easy, but we all now know it’s an effective one when it comes to keeping everyone safe, and ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident with workers being present in your home to get the work done as quickly as possible so you can have your remodel completed as quickly as possible.

Sanitize common surfaces

Your remodeling team will be hands-on to build every detail to perfection in your house, so it’s important that they leave the space cleaner than they found it. When the work is done, or you know you’ll be needing to access common areas they’ve had their hands on while working hands-on, don’t feel shy about ensuring things have been properly sanitized so that you’ll know there’s no risk of transmission through contaminated surfaces. Plus, your space will be cleaner than ever while also being protected from harboring COVID-19, which is definitely a nice perk while keeping everyone in your household safe.

We know these are new and strange times, so if you have any further questions or concerns, our team is here to be a resource and help you ensure your comfort and satisfaction with your remodel. We love seeing everyone taking the recommended precautions and proper steps to help keep our community safe, while still helping make sure your dreams come true.

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