The Vadara Way

We move mountains to bring spaces to life

We travel to the ends of the earth to find inspiration for our quartz collections, capturing untamed scenes of natural wonder so you can realize every vision. Feel inspired beyond what you can imagine and create enduring spaces with timeless beauty.

Our mission inspires the way we work, from our designers, craftsmen, quality checkers, creatives and everyone in-between.

We embody the vision our company stands for using strong foundations, rigorous attention to detail and a mastery of craft as a springboard from which we can imagine and realize something bigger than ourselves. You need a sturdy ship to sail uncharted waters, for us that starts with the quality of our product and ends with the artistry we bring to each and every collection.


Our inspiration for each design comes from the world’s most beautiful places. The story of getting there and discovering these magical corners of the world is captured in a design that forever exists within the Vadara quartz color. This inspiration lives to further inspire the vision of your space.


Our designers transform their vision to handcrafted artistry by creating veins and patterns that breathe life into each surface. Pure, natural quartz is combined with pigments, resins and expert craftsmanship to mirror the inspiration we find in the natural world.


From research and development, to production and quality control, we test rigorously to make sure each piece leaves us polished and perfect. The source of our materials and meticulous process define the uncompromising quality of our quartz surfaces.

We believe that every moment and every space holds the power to transform your experience of the everyday.

Building on strong foundations gives you the power to dream, imagine and explore the world around you. Vadara elevates the possibility of your interior – fusing handcrafted artistry, the majesty of nature and the resilience of quartz for surfaces that empower creativity, and spaces that inspire dreams.