Safely Updating your Home During a Pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic has many of us spending much more time enjoying our homes. Has all of this time at home made you hyper-aware of the areas you want to improve or change to better suit your “new normal”? If this is your current reality, you may be struggling with how to renovate or upgrade your home to make it function and feel better for your family. Social distancing has complicated moving forward with pre-pandemic project plans or pandemic-inspired updates. However, completing your projects or starting a new one doesn’t have to be put on hold. You can take action to safely and smartly invest your time, research, and money in the following ways.

Have a good plan.

Now more than ever, a well thought out plan is key. Enlisting a professional designer to provide you with a virtual or contactless design is a great way to ensure you get the results you want. A designer will help ensure the items you purchase meet all of your criteria including aesthetics, durability, and scale. Each of these is very important when you are likely avoiding going to show rooms to touch, see, and feel products. For a renovation, a designer will help provide the foundational documents to communicate your project to your contractors and trades. This is critical with social distancing. A clear plan allows you less in-person time with your contractor, while still trusting your project will move along smoothly and meet your expectations.

Use vendors, trades, and products you can trust.

This is not a time that you want to be replacing items because they are not what you expected. Trusted companies and products ensure you won’t be calling them back out to your home to fix mistakes or remediate damage they may have caused during install. A trusted company also gives you confidence to ask about their social distancing policies and allows you to trust they will expect their employees to utilize them. Limiting the number of people in and out of your home is a key way to keep your family safe during this time.

Research your options for online shopping.

Did you know that many items you would install in your renovation can be vetted online? Doing your research ahead of time helps limit the amount of showrooms, design centers, or stores you have to spend your time in. Ultimately this reduces your contact with others. Filter down your options by narrowing your quartz preferences online by checking out the brand’s website, like Vadara. You can then check with your local fabricator or showroom to see if they can do contactless pick-up. This approach can also be used for flooring, tile and other finishing materials. Paint and hardware stores are doing curbside pick-up for orders of supplies. For items you ultimately want to see in person, narrow down your options in advance, try to set up an appointment so that you are reducing the number of customers and sales people around, and don’t forget to wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

Use some sweat equity.

When it comes to DIY, there are varying levels of work you as the homeowner can take on. From undertaking the minor demo to painting the walls yourself, look for ways you can invest your time into your space. Reducing the amount of time others are working in your home and investing in local businesses when you need help can protect the health of others while also supporting small businesses.

Your home updates can continue, but taking the time to smartly adapt to the current situation can better prepare you and your family to safely undergo a home project. Prioritizing the health and safety of yourself and others is the most critical goal during the current pandemic. Keep Vadara in mind as a trusted source for your quartz surfaces as you navigate your home projects.

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