Vadara’s 2024 Collection Expresses Nature’s Drama

As color and bold statements become more prevalent in kitchen design, nature once again provides awesome inspiration with dramatic formations, colors and patterns. Vadara has tapped the wonders of cavernous Scandinavian fjords, serene waves of desert sands and warm tones blanketing the red rocks of the Mojave at sunset for its latest array of quartz surfaces.

The 2024 collection includes seven new colors and patterns that bring this natural beauty into the heart of the home, elevating the design with stunning selections that are at once on-trend and timeless.

Designers have been expanding the palette in the kitchen in recent seasons, moving away from all-white or white-and-gray schemes in favor of neutrals with accent colors, especially greens and blues, to connect interior spaces to nature. The National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2024 Kitchen Trends research reveals that 68% of designers surveyed say a key color goal this year is to “create a sense of nature, calm and harmony.” Vadara’s new collection offers ideal quartz options to achieve this connection with nature. Top-of-mind colors for kitchens include greens, selected by 32% of designers, wood tones (28%), whites (26%) and blues (25%).

Highlights of Vadara’s 2024 additions include:

Scandi Blue, drawing inspiration from the sapphire blue waters of Norwegian fjords. This Calacatta marble-inspired quartz features a bright white background with bold, dynamic blue, brown and rust veining. Scandi Blue works especially well with blue cabinetry in a cool color scheme.


Desert Blush, also a Calacatta marble-inspired quartz, places rust veining on a bright white background and conjures the spirit of the Mojave Desert, with an array of warm hues glowing in the waning light of sunset. Desert Blush complements wood tones, grays and browns in a warm environment.


Gossamer Sands evokes daybreak over the rolling dunes in White Sands National Park with marble-inspired quartz, a bright white background and delicate light brown veining. This timeless design fits beautifully into any color palette, especially with natural woods.


Phantom Trail takes inspiration from majestic canyons in Iceland with a strong sense of flowing water in its bold gray veining. The Calacatta marble-inspired quartz has a white background and is a cool classic addition to any kitchen design.

Other options include a range of colors and veining from tan, rust and maroon to gray, green and blue. All designs are offered in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses and are easy to maintain.

“All seven of these new designs have at their core an inspiration from natural quartzite and marble, and all feature bold, striking designs that are complementary in color,” said Ed Rogers, executive vice president of US Surfaces, the parent of Vadara Quartz Surfaces. “We continue to strive to capture the essence of nature in our surfaces. The natural stone slabs from which we drew our inspiration have limited supply, can vary greatly between bundles and are expensive. These designs could be viable, cost-effective alternatives to those natural stone slabs with the performance characteristics of quartz.”

See all the latest designs in Vadara’s newest collections here, or visit for the full array of Vadara’s striking quartz and quartzite surfaces.

Vadara’s Newest Colors Continue to Capture the Essence of Nature