Beyond the Surface – A Small Renovation Produces Big Results

Professional photographer, content creator and interior stylist Shyla Cino resides in the Greenville region of South Carolina. This mother of two inadvertently discovered her talent for interior design when she shared her home’s design journey on Instagram. It turned out social media users loved her design sensibilities as much as she enjoyed applying them. Fast forward four years to today, and multiple homeowners now benefit from Shyla’s inherent talent for interior design.

The First Choice is Not Always the Right Choice

Shyla had the advantage of being able to select the finishes for her new 2,000 square foot craftsman home. Although the builder offered limited upgrade options, one of the choices was natural stone. Shyla preferred a classic, timeless look and selected a highly speckled/patterned granite for the home’s kitchen countertops. While granite is a popular countertop choice, the family found that – once they were living in the home – the countertops weren’t working for their lifestyle.

Aesthetically, the granite countertops didn’t offer the clean, crisp look the designer wanted for her kitchen. On a functional level, they performed poorly for a busy family with two small children and required lots of maintenance. Granite and many other stone products are susceptible to staining, chipping, scratching and heat intolerance, which can be challenging for homeowners to maintain. In addition, stone’s porous surface allows germs and bacteria to hide in crevasses, making it difficult to sanitize – something that has become even more important now.

The Remodel

Although the home was relatively new, Shyla wanted to refresh the kitchen to make it more family-friendly and aesthetically appealing. Despite having lots of natural light, the kitchen didn’t feel light and airy. And the granite countertops were not providing the durability the high-traffic space required.

The first steps in the remodel were to update the backsplash and faucet. A large single bowl white fireclay sink, and pantry door were also incorporated. The wooden pantry door was old and warped, but Shyla was drawn to its charm. She refurbished it and then adorned it with a Victorian-style knob.

Next in line were the countertops, which were a significant part of the remodel. Since the tile backsplash had already been installed, it was important to select a countertop that would complement it. But functionality was also an essential factor. Shyla knew quartz was known for its durability and beauty. Those qualities – along with minimal maintenance requirements – made the decision easy.

Shalya went to a local fabricator to explore the possibilities. After seeing samples from artisan quartz surface manufacturer Vadara®, she knew she had found her new countertops. With so many options to choose from, however, the designer had a hard time deciding which color to select. She ultimately opted to go with Sereno Gold because the intricate gold veining throughout the slab perfectly blended with the kitchen’s brass faucet and pendant lighting.

The Result

The Cino family was delighted with the outcome of their kitchen remodel. The kitchen now had a fresh new look with a timeless, elegant design. The natural stone appearance of the quartz countertop, along with the pantry door and wood flooring, all pay homage to biophilic design – incorporating organic elements that create a desired connection to nature.

But there is more to the remodel than beauty. The quartz countertops will provide superior durability and functionality for years to come. And the investment will pay dividends in resale value when the family decides to move on. Thanks to Vadara quartz, there was no need to compromise practicality for aesthetics.

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