Kitchens: Let’s Get Organized!

Awesome Drawer and Cabinet Organization Ideas

There is nothing more satisfying and inviting than a well-organized kitchen drawer or cabinet. With infinite ways to organize your kitchen, this satisfaction has never been more accessible. A well-organized modern kitchen features an appealing set of cabinets and matching drawers.

Over time, people find themselves losing track of what kitchen items are where, or get an eye sore when opening their cabinets or drawers. You shouldn’t have to settle for an eye sore! Here are a handful of organizational ideas to get your kitchen cabinets and drawers back on track:

Diagonal Drawer Dividers

In any kitchen, drawers are uniform in length. Silverware and utensils, though, aren’t. It’s likely that you have three different lengths of forks and spoons, larger silverware for serving, butter knives and other miscellaneous knives that didn’t come with and aren’t stored in your knife set’s case, and probably a bunch of random kitchen utensils. That’s why diagonal drawer dividers make sense. Diagonally, you can effectively organize shorter silverware and utensils from the longer.

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Diagonal drawer dividers aren’t the only way to organize your drawers. Enter adjustable dividers, whether by use of a spring or other retractable function, drawers can be divided up to maximize the drawer space that is available, which is critical in organizing.

Hooks Everywhere!

For the kitchen items that aren’t manufactured for easy organization, hooks are a great hack. Hooks allow you to hang kitchen accessories that don’t stack or sit well, and they aren’t limited to the inside of a cabinet.

In fact, an emerging trend is the attaching or screwing of hooks on the outsides of kitchen cabinets, on the inside of cabinet doors, or underneath hanging kitchen cabinets. Hooks provide a way to organize things that hang better than they stack, sit, or stuff, like pots, pans, mugs, and more.

Tension Rods

Tension rods can be inserted and installed fairly easily in both cabinets and drawers. In cabinets, tension rods provide the space and structure to store kitchen items that naturally lay flat, but don’t do so in organized ways. For example, pots, pans, and tupperware may stack well but only without their covers, and we all know how frustrating it is to dig through cabinets and drawers looking for matching pieces. With a well-placed tension rod, the right cover for each pot, pan, and tupperware can be organized in the same cabinet shelf or drawer.

Carousels for Spices & Condiments

One of the most useful organization tips for spices and dry-stored condiments is the carousel. They fit inside drawers and cabinets, look nice and symmetrical, and have room for many spice dispensers and condiment bottles. Carousels remove the need to reorganize and clean a drawer or shelf every time you use one or more of the kitchen products they hold.

Finally, don’t neglect color. Color coding the inside of your cabinets and drawers enhance overall design, and is a surprisingly effective organizational method!

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