Ostara Dawn

“Sands Awakening”

The desert is never as enchanting, dynamic and playful as it is during the dance of sunrise. At Zabriskie Point, California, stark white sand dunes come to life as the first rays disperse night’s shadows. There’s a kind of poetry to the play of light across sculpted canyons and singing dunes, appearing to coax the sand from its long night’s sleep.

We hope to bring this feeling of gentle awakening to Ostara Dawn through undulating drifts of threads across a brilliant white surface, exploring the movement of shadow across golden sand, the coolness of the air and brilliant flashes of morning light. Ostara Dawn invites you to explore the liminal beauty of a waking desert somewhere between the cloak of darkness and the fire of daylight sun.

Radiant bright white background with wispy gold veining

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Background Color: White
Vein Color: Grey, Taupe

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