The Versatility of Vadara Quartz

When remodeling your house, settling on the right surface to give each room its own personality while bringing a uniform cohesion to your home is no easy task. Often times we are forced to make a compromise between practical use and aesthetic beauty. With Vadara’s quartz kitchen countertops, this decision is no longer binary.

Quartz surfaces have the ability to be applied in almost any room of your home and deliver world-class performance regardless of where they are installed. Before you settle on natural, more expensive stones like marble or granite, learn why Vadara is leading the new frontier of home surfacing and ushering in the future of kitchen countertops and bathroom fixtures.

Made for Your Kitchen

Simply put, a workhorse kitchen and quartz countertops are a match made it heaven. Vadara’s kitchen surfacing products supply the heart of your home with state-of-the-art durability and ease of use. Quartz is a scientifically engineered stone, which means any natural imperfections are a thing of the past. This also means quartz surfaces are specifically designed to last in today’s busy kitchens. Whether you are feeding a family of five or just a culinary clutz, we take pride in supplying materials that are up to the challenge. Quartz is naturally stain proof and heat resistant, making it ideal for those who care just as much about using their kitchen as they do looking at it.
However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a pristine looking kitchen. Maintenance of quartz kitchen countertops are completely care free. Quartz’s non-porous surface prevents food from being absorbed deep into your counter and becoming nearly impossible to clean up, like many marble and granite countertops. A light, household soap and wet washcloth is often all that’s needed to restore your counters to their former glory. What this means for you is less time cleaning up unsightly coffee spills or food stains and more time cooking or kicking back.

Modern Bathroom Perfection

While many opt for the elegance and modern appeal of natural stones like granite, many more are discovering the true versatility of going with an engineered stone. Quartz is unique in its ability to be cut, edged, and colored in a near-limitless amount of ways. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom or vanity to a more contemporary style, quartz is more resilient and customizable than it’s natural countertparts.
Vadara surfacing products come in a variety of finishes including surfaces with a subtle texture, speckled design, or striking veins. You can either opt for ornate whites or bold, eye-catching blacks. The true beauty of quartz lies in it’s ability to adapt to any room and style.

Around the House

Quartz’s versatility isn’t just constrained to the kitchen and bathroom. Vadara’s quartz collections are perfect for showers, tubs, bars, and fireplace surrounds. Implementing these quartz materials strategically throughout your home is key to creating an aesthetic through line for the style you want to convey. Considering quartz is among the hardest and most common materials found on Earth, no matter the surface, quartz continues to prove its value.

Vadara Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Custom designed, with modern living in mind, Vadara’s extensive collections of quartz surfacing materials continue to pave the way for luxury home surfacing for any indoor space. For a more in-depth look at our unique collections and quartz kitchen countertops, check out our gallery. For information on where to find a Vadara showroom near you, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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