Vadara X Oasys Installation: An ADU Housing Solution

Vadara Showcases Countertops in Oasys Installation to Help Address the Housing Crisis

Some quick numbers.

In 2017 there was a shortage of about 14 million housing units in California. As the population continues to grow, the development of homes is not meeting the demand. This means that not only will the cost of living continue to skyrocket, but the number of people displaced from their homes will follow the same trend.

Basically, California has a massive housing crisis.

We need solutions and we need them fast. As a company who is well-acquainted with the housing market in California, Vadara knows that there are practical efforts we can make to contribute to this solution. That’s why we recently partnered with Los Angeles based architect, Sterobot and many other like-minded companies to create the Oasys Installation. Unveiled at the Los Angeles Design Festival in June 2019, Vadara sponsored Carrara quartz countertops for this ADU (accessible dwelling unit) installation.

ADU’s are homes that are designed to be built in 2 days, can range from 400-4,000 square feet, and are in accordance with California’s new zoning laws which allow homeowners to significantly expand their living area by adding a secondary home to their property. Homeowners are then able to house extended family or can use this additional space as a livable rental unit. All this is in an effort to tackle the ongoing housing crisis.

We are very pleased to have found partners all committed to the same goal. As thousands of people hunt for homes in this limited and ever-growing costly housing market, Vadara wanted to act and be a part of the solution.

We encourage you to check out our countertops in practice at ROW DTLA, where they will be featured until September 2019 as part of the ongoing Oasys Installation. Even more than that, we encourage you to keep your ear to the ground of what is happening with the housing crisis in California. When like-minded companies come together to find a solution to any problem, the creativity that follows is always inspiring.

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