Elements of Design: Collection 2020

The details are not the details, they make the design.
—Charles Eames

Renowned industrial designer, Charles Eames, once stated that, “The details are not the details, they make the design.” We couldn’t agree more. Even the most extravagant of interiors begin with the most core principles of design. It’s here where true beauty starts to take its shape.

Whenever we approach a new collection, we take these ideas to heart. We’re interested in the root of what makes something beautiful or luxurious because once these core elements are defined, the final product can finally begin to take its shape.

Elements of Design 2020 continues our trend of being at the forefront of modern interior design. Our newest quartz surfaces are elevated, yet minimalistic. Each of our 38 colors—including 21 new and updated colors—was thoughtfully curated with the four core elements of design top-of-mind:

  • Color: Keeping up with color trends and featuring timeless designs, we curated a collection to feature warm, cool and neutral hues. When faced with the decision of color, we often first guide our clients towards their preferred hue. This will help narrow down their color of choice.
  • Line: We provide three distinct styles of veining ranging from bold to subtle—each suited for a different space. Our directional veins are inspired by natural marble and quartzite, while our subtle veining provides a two-toned background and closely resembles products made by mother nature.
  • Texture: We provide natural stone style with a durable quartz substance. Each surface is composed of 93% pure, natural quartz–one of the hardest minerals on earth. It is nonporous, does not require sealing and best of all, it is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Size: Our new jumbo slabs cover an even greater surface area with minimal seaming. Measuring in at an enormous 63”x 126”, jumbo slabs heighten our already modern look.

Whether you are designing a kitchen space or remodeling your ensuite bathroom, your countertop is the centerpiece of your space. Every other detail will follow.

Good design lives in the details. Design with Vadara.

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