Kitchen Design Built for the Busy Mom

Modern moms are often juggling multiple things at all times. It seems as though busy moms can handle everything from career pressures and financial planning to packing lunches and making a healthy dinner. While a mother’s power can never be doubted, a kitchen design built for the busy mom can help increase productivity and make her life that much easier. Below you will find some ideas for how you can design your kitchen to support a busy mom!


  1. Open Plan: 

    The kitchen is often the epicenter of the home. Everyone needs to eat multiple times a day, cook, and pack lunches. Having an open plan is best for families and busy moms. The best layout includes an island with space all around it for passing through and bar stools. The island can be used to prepare food and as a place to eat. This is also a space where kids can do their homework. Busy moms can cook and field homework questions. Win-win!

  2. Snack Bar and Pantry:

    If you have a pantry, organization is key. There are amazing organizational videos that provide the most convenient ways to set up your pantry. For those with kids, set up a healthy snack bar in the pantry. This can help the busy mom as ready-to-grab snacks can keep the kids full between meals or after school. This not only takes pressure off of the busy mom to have snacks ready, but it also helps teach kids to be self-sufficient.

  3. Surfaces: 

    For those with a big family or very little spare time, focus on surfaces. Your counters and floors need to be smooth surfaces. Grooves and porous materials are more difficult to clean and can pose a higher risk for bacteria to grow and possibly make your family sick. Having a surface that you can spray and wipe easily will save you time and the headache of your family possibly getting sick. Smooth floors are also helpful as you can easily sweep and mop without having to get on your hands and knees and work on grooves in the floor. Another benefit of smooth floors is that you can easily delegate this as a chore to one of the kiddos and they can easily and effectively clean up.

  4. Upgrade the Refrigerator:

    The technological advancements that have occurred in refrigerators is a game changer for working moms. Whatever your family needs are, focus on finding a refrigerator that can serve all of your needs. One great function is a fridge that can provide filtered water and ice. While this is not a new advancement, it can help with efficiency as kids can help themselves to water. Another great function of new fridges is the capacity to organize. Between drawers, shelves, and containers inside you can fit enough food in for the whole family for a good while. Lastly, one of the most helpful advances is the fridge camera. A busy mom may not have had time to make a list, so having access to the contents of her fridge via a real time visual on her phone can save trips to the store.

  5. Cabinetry: 

    Finding functional cabinetry that works for your family is integral to saving time. If you don’t have the time or desire to renovate, you can rearrange to help increase efficiency. For the items and food that you use all of the time, keep them at eye level. For the more secondary items, keep them in the higher cabinets. Lastly, for the stuff you don’t use often, store the food and cooking items at the bottom. Incorporate cabinet organizers for things like spices and snacks to help with conserving space and increasing efficiency.

Creating a space that is functional, convenient, and efficient is helpful for a busy mom. With all of the tasks a busy mom is juggling, creating a kitchen space that works for the whole family is essential to saving time.


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