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Tereza Sparks remembers designing her room already as a little 5 year old growing up in communist Czechoslovakia. Interior design became a huge passion for Tereza, especially after communism fell and Czechoslovakia opened up. It was fluted with not only tourists, but also ambassadors and diplomats requiring high end properties in the heart of Europe. As these properties were scarce, she helped her parents jump on the opportunity of a new business venture to remodel large residences for high end renters.

Moving to California as a teen definitely had its challenges, especially as she spoke no English, but that did not slow her down in achieving a dream of graduating UCLA in communications. But she did not stay within the PR profession for long, as after her friend asked her for a small favor to help her pick out drapes, she couldn’t deny her history. Since then, her passion and love of remodeling and designing grew from helping friends into business.

Today, Tereza’s mission is to design properties that are not one dimensional and cookie cutter, but that are unique and tailored to clients’ needs and reflect their personalities, histories, and lifestyles in the design, no matter the budget or the size of the project.

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