Designer Spotlight

Shalena Smith

Shalena Smith is a world-class interior designer and the founder of two design firms, Shalena Smith Interior Design and Gaga Designs, both based in Los Angeles. Smith got her start in the industry by designing spectacular children’s spaces before expanding to offer full-service residential and commercial design consulting. With an illustrious career of over twenty years, Smith has earned the moniker of the designer to the stars. Featured in multiple TV shows and magazines worldwide, she continues to make a name for herself throughout the interior design industry.

Smith strives to curate designs that speak to her client’s personality and lifestyle while making sure to create spaces that maintain order, are functional, and safe before focusing on aesthetics. She believes that the home should be a place of respite and rejuvenation and, it shines through in every detail of her work.

Despite having a rewarding career, Smith states that her most significant accomplishments include being a wife and mother to her husband and two daughters.

Shalena Smith
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