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Velinda Hellen Design

Velinda Hellen Design is a collective of designers with years’ experience working as a team, pre-dating the formation of the company in 2020. Aiming to include projects of all sizes, budgets, and locations, VHD offers multiple ways of working together; Full Service Design (for projects located in Southern California looking for more-extensive renovation help) and E Design (for projects outside of SoCal or on more modest budgets/scopes of work). The Velinda Hellen Design philosophy is that the design should reflect the client more than the designer. They have a knack for mixing ‘high’ and ‘low’ and aim for results that feel cohesively-collected & curated but ‘lived in’.

Coming from a background in business, visual storytelling and writing, founder Velinda Hellen made a home at Emily Henderson Design after a quick stint at UCLA studying Architectural Design. Combining all endeavors, for two years she juggled roles as creative producer, interior designer, writer and stylist with Emily Henderson, eventually also producing, research-writing and styling the New York Times Bestseller’s second book, The New Design Rules, which was released in 2022 and aims to serve as design school cliff-notes for those who skip the program or otherwise need a field guide.

In 2020, Velinda dove into freelance-frenzy but was quickly joined by her EHD teammates and by the beginning of 2021 had grown from a solo designer to a team of six, spanning from Los Angeles to the Philippines. Having formed during the height of a global pandemic, VHD evolved with the ability to collaborate remotely and has found joy in getting to offer boutique design services to clients, regardless of location or project limitations.

Velinda Hellen Design
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