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Rochelle Silberman Design

 Rochelle became very interested in the foundational pieces of what make up her successful career today at a very early age. Raised in New York and surrounded by family and friends who frequently visited world-class museums, dabbled in antiques and pursued the arts, she found herself with the initial stirrings of a life long interest in design and architecture. Her studies at the Rhode Island School of Design enabled her to bring all of her interests together into one discipline. She earned a BFA in Interior Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture, and eagerly set out to put her skills and ideas into practice. 

Before settling down to work, she traveled extensively throughout Europe to experience the great architectural landmarks she had studied. Inspired and refreshed, Rochelle began her design career in New York City. After six years, decided to move her career to the Bay Area, where she has resided for over 25 years. 

“Over the past 30+ years, whether designing large gracious homes or charming cottages in the East Bay, San Francisco and Marin, my innate desire to work with people in transforming their homes has brought me to where I am today”, Rochelle states. She brings a depth of design experience in Commercial, Residential and Design/Build projects to her projects delights in the fact each informs the other. Rochelle’s been involved in a wide variety of project types throughout her career, including work on a concert hall in Japan to re-hauling a chef’s kitchen in Marin. She is passionate about design and thrives on fulfilling the unique perspective of each individual client to its fullest. 

Rochelle Silberman
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