MT Interior Design, Inc.


I like to custom tailor each of my projects to the person I’m remodeling or building for. I get inspiration for tile and stone designs from different locations from all over the world. I like having one big wow factor, then keeping everything else clean, simple and elegant . I don’t like keeping everything just modern or traditional. I like to mix the designs and make one of a kind original looks. I like to get ideas from the other people around me to help keep things new and fresh.

I love using Vadara Quartz because it is so versatile. I can use it for any room in the house in any kind of application. The quality is amazing! It is extremely durable and stain resistant. It is very difficult to scratch or stain so it leaves a longer life span for my customers. Between the warranty, the customer service over the phone, all the variety of slabs and quartz countertop colors available to look at in the showroom, their customer service is always fast and friendly. They are all knowledgeable and easy to talk to about any of their quartz collections. Everything has beautiful clean lines that make it easy to use for any of my projects.