Slate Mist

“Solace of Morning Mist”

We found our inspiration for this style’s shadowy hues and infusions of mistlike veins in Germany’s Black Forest. Observed at the perfect point of sunrise, fog floats across dense tree thickets, cloaking the scene in a cool, sleepy hue. There’s a charged serenity you feel as mist rolls across the treetops; only the faintest morning light breaks through in silvery threads, enlivening sheets of grey with a sense of ethereal wonder and transformational possibility.

Slate Mist illustrates rolling shapes of distant hills against the horizon through a smokey base and hazy-grey shading, while luminous diffused threads recall the aesthetic of sunlight falling in delicate ribbons. It’s an image of wonder and hope, of mystery and fated opportunity transforming your space with the secret of the Black Forest’s beauty.

Tranquil grey background with subtle, flowing white veining

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Background Color: Grey
Vein Color: White

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