Oasis Winds

“Perspectives of Flow”

We set out to capture the sweeping curves of Thailand’s landscape, as observed through the eyes of the native heron. You find a new kind of beauty when imagining a scene so abundant in colour, shape and aesthetic through the perspective of different senses. We tried to imagine the experience of the heron, gliding above the dense marshland, lush greenery and snaking rivers in search of the shimmering dance of fish in the waters below.

We bring this sense of freedom and flight to Oasis Winds though a dynamic composition of gentle brown and grey shading, a nod to the glimmer of sunset falling on the sleepy riverbed. The contrast of glassy water against lush, inviting forest is painted into the design through soft, dramatic strokes of earthy veining against a radiant white base.

Radiant bright white background with bold, dynamic brown-grey veining

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Background Color: Bright White
Vein Color: Brown, Light Grey

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