Noir Blanc

“Shades of Night”

We wanted to articulate the sense of heightened awareness you find when seeing a familiar scene through the lens of darkness. On Iceland’s Reynisfjara Beach, black sands plunge jutting shorelines, and ice-blue waves into a perfect storm of shadow and light. Shades of darkness add dimensions of depth, all the more dramatic when accented by streaks of white surf crashing and lapping across the shoreline.

It’s impossible to stand on the shore of this magnificent scene without being awed by the flipped perspective, the innocence of gentle tide, cloaked in velvet mystery. We bring this sense of dimensional complexity to Noir Blanc through flowing white veins across a rich, black base, the stark contrast of surf-like patterns transcending the surface, radiating with translucent glow against the purity of absolute darkness.

Rich black background with subtle, flowing white veining

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Background Color: Black
Vein Color: White

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