“Silver Linings”

On warm September days, a dreamy fog rolls in over San Francisco, holding the city skyline in a cloudy caress. Just the peaks of its building and the famous Golden Gate bridge peer above, sometimes disappearing entirely from view, other times barely visible — a city in the clouds. The amorphous drift of aura formations settling over the city was the inspiration
behind Nimbus.

The design replicates San Francisco’s sun-soaked clouds with subtle wisps of taupe veining, swirling across a misty, warm beige base. Nimbus recreates the intangible sense of possibility, and alluring innocence of gentle cloud cover; warm, organic and intricately formed. The organic shades of neutral, sun-kissed tones add a dimension of softness and warmth to your living space design.

Soft beige background with diffused taupe veining

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Background Color: Beige
Vein Color: Taupe

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