“Swirls of Space and Time”

Swirling and churning in spins of luminous blue and soft white, Norway’s maelstrom is at its most hypnotic when viewed from the arching Saltstraumble bridge. Looking down into the mesmerising nebula, water surges, coalesces, and disperses again as twists of luminous blue surf paint spirals on the water’s surface.

Circles of delicate foam contrast dramatic hues of the water, an effect we bring to Laneve through delicate grey veining across a luminous white backdrop. We wanted to translate this sense of space, of galaxies light-years away mirrored in spinning pools of water — appearing like a doorway to faraway galaxies. The feeling of expanse and sense of openness and movement, articulated through minimal aesthetic and flow, the gentle threads, distinct yet interlinking, bring a play of boundless possibility to your space.

Luminous white background with delicate grey veining

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Background Color: White
Vein Color: Grey

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