“Cascades of the Gods”

We found our inspiration for Laguna, at Iceland’s biggest waterfall: ‘Godafoss’, or ‘waterfall of the gods’. Fed by a river that flows along lava paths, the thunderous claps and frozen formations are almost hypnotic, inspiring imagination, dreams and folklore from a throne of frozen wonder, topped by a crown of magnificent icy mist.

We designed Laguna’s wide flowing veins in homage to the cleft horseshoe-shaped waterfall, shards of ochre stone carving the fall into veils of luminous-blue, misting as they plummet and pool, a bold divergence of white and black; like the timeless conflict of shadow and light. Dramatic plays of contrast, of rushing water and still ice-scape beyond create a mesmerising sense of movement, brought to quartz through bold veins against a
brilliant-white background.

Luminous white background with large, flowing black veining

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Background Color: White
Vein Color: Black

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