“Mirror of the Mountain”

Inspired by the movement of rivers cutting through ruddy ridges and sunwashed sands of the Arizona desert, Bronzo’s veins are wide and flowing. Standing at the vista of Alstrom Point, Lake Powell, a kaleidoscope of shifting shade blends hues of copper into gentle greys — a soft contrast to a brilliant white backdrop.

There’s an ancient echo to the canyon; valleys and vistas sprawling out with the timeless eternity of a place both centuries and seconds old. We set out to recreate the blurring of elements where waters join the bank in gently blended veins of taupe and grey, some vast and sweeping, others gently threading. Bronzo mirrors the contrasts of pause and flow we found at Alstrom Point, so you can bring the same sense of dynamic stillness to your space.

Luminous white background with large, flowing taupe and grey veining

Thickness: 2cm
Background Color: White
Vein Color: Grey, Taupe

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