“A Duet of Sand and Surf”

We set out to capture the sense of all-consuming serenity you find on Bali’s paradise beaches in Bacara’s soft, cream background and flowing taupe veins. Sitting on the edge of paradise, you sink into a sensual exploration. The air itself feels filled with aquamarine, the sound of waves sing of fresh surf frothing and breaking, and curious hands trace grooves in the sand, ever-changing and timelessly uniform.

Echoing the sensory experience of ebb and flow, wide drifts of diffused taupe veins drift across Bacara’s sandy surface. We illustrated this sensory kaleidoscope through dimensional ribbons, bringing a sense of movement and contentment through a warm, minimal aesthetic and flowing patterns of veins — capturing the play of gentle sunbeams, the space for reflection and rhythmic dance of waves on sand.

Soft cream background with subtle, flowing taupe veining

Thickness: 2cm
Background Color: Cream
Vein Color: Taupe
Collection: Ebbs and Flows

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