Amara Grey

“The Space Between Stars”

On a clear night in Kudat Sadeh, Borneo, the milky way stretches before you, and suddenly the vastness of the ocean and heavy silence of summer air are dwarfed by an eternal map of twinkling galaxies above. There’s a duality of experience which we hoped to bring to Amara Grey, the idea that something vast and unknown can become familiar and comforting, the contrast of darkness against shimmering light and the mirrored effect of swirling constellations against a velvety blue-grey sky.

We translated the wonder of stargazing and the duality of experience to quartz through a negative, flipped perspective of Borneo’s star-struck sky. Constellations of wispy blue-grey threads swirl across a white backdrop in diffused patterns, filling your space with the
brilliance of stars and magic of the night sky.

Luminous white background with diffused grey veining

Thickness: 2cm
Background Color: White
Vein Color: Grey

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